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Why You Should Be Careful of Environment-Related Content on Social Media

Most major threats to biodiversity are underrepresented by social media coverage and remain largely ignored by the public. Threats such as agriculture, general pollution, urbanisation, and invasions occupy significantly less bandwidth and public attention.

Yuren Cao | 20 October 2020

“Instagram” (Prateek Katyal)

Prospects of Climate Change Policy in the Post-COVID Era

There will be new challenges in the achievement of decarbonization and the effectiveness of international initiatives.

Official Spanish version published on the Argentine Council of International Relations (CARI)

Yuren Cao | 17 September 2020

Talk With Experts: Horacio Matarasso on Ecotourism and Conservation

His expertise in ornithology and conservation has made him one of the leading figures of South American bird watchers.

Yuren Cao | 29 July 2020

Coronavirus Won’t Prevent Wildlife Trade, If We Don’t Change Our Mindset

Building the public’s environmental consciousness is an urgent and necessary task. 

Qiushi Shen | 19 August 2020

Will Coronavirus Mark the End of Wildlife Trade in China?

If we could systematically halt wildlife trading in China after this unfortunate disaster, maybe it is not that unfortunate after all.

Yutong Lin | 9 May 2020

Pipeline Constructions Bring Short-term Benefits, But With a Cost

Is it really worthwhile to get limited economic benefits with unlimited environmental damage?

Sarry Zhong | 29 March 2020

Literature Review: How Climate Change Alters the Interactions Among European Birds

Geographical variations in the advancement of laying dates have complicated and variable effects on interactions between different species.

Yuren Cao | 20 July 2020

Literature Review: How Do Montane Birds Respond to Climate Change

Mountains provide crucial habitats for many birds. I reviewed 10 recent studies on the effect of climate change on montane birds. Here are three crucial takeaways. 

Yuren Cao | 26 April 2020

Policy Review: The Case for Pragmatic Complexity

Combining true pragmatist process and the complexity theory may be conducive to the management of climate change on multiple fronts.

Yuren Cao | 3 November 2020

Adélie Penguin

Series: Antarctica >

This series features a sequence of long stories about the wildlife of Antarctica. From Ushuaia, Argentina to Antarctic Peninsula, it gives a personal account of the journey to Antarctica, as well as a critical examination of things that the author encountered.

Southern Royal Albatross

The Drake Passage

The Drake Passage remained a challenge to lots of travellers, especially to a rookie like myself.

Yuren Cao | 12 February 2020

How Can Stimulus Packages Help Solve Climate Change?

Massive bailouts have the potential to mitigate climate change.

Yuren Cao | 9 April 2020

Birding Abroad

The most important part is to do sufficient research. After all, in the world of bird watching, hard work always pays off.

Yuren Cao | 14 November 2019

Planting Trees Won’t Solve Global Warming

Global reforestation is not the best solution: planting a trillion trees can’t solve global warming.

Yuren Cao | 25 February 2020

How to Promote Environmentalism Among Students?

We need to integrate the physical interaction with nature into the study of climate change.

Yuren Cao | 16 December 2019

Series: Reserva Costanera Sur >

A close look at the avifauna of the Reserva Costanera Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The articles featured in this series showcases some of the birds that you would expect to find in this amazing urban reserve. They also feature some of the best photos the author has taken at this particular location.

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